Life Skills

Life skills training focuses on enhancement of Psycho social abilities that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands of the everyday life.

Parents and teacher sessions are packed with content on local and international research on incidents of cyber issues, real cases of handling cyber issues, diagnosis, watch-outs, remedies, solutions and tips to keep schools/homes CyberSafe. Some residential schools opt for awareness sessions on Pornography-reated awareness for parents too. This practice offers Students sessions for different age groups, parents sessions, teacher sessions, school audits, online sessions, Family safety guidebook, school guidebook.


In one of our research findings with a leading international school of the country between Std 8-12, 58% parents and students agreed that less than 2 hours were spent playing outdoors and this time was increasingly consumed by gadget-led play. Also, while 83% parents thought their children were supervised during cyber-usage, 81% children of the same parents' group asserted that parents had 'no clue' on what students were doing online. 71% of the parents admitted to not having set boundaries on cyber use. After the sessions, students stay back to ask questions on cyberworld, pornography, hacking etc while it is common for parents to display emotions on how unaware they were about the gravity of the issue, yet the solutions are so simple. After the sessions schools have consistently reported a) heightened awareness of students, parents in identifying, reporting and responding to cyber safety breaches b) peer coaching in class against cyberbullying behaviours c) marked improvement in following Cyber Citizenship dos and don'ts. School clients call WorldReady regularly to do repeat sessions for parents and students each year.

Digital Parenting Guide Supplement: Who is a Stranger?


Parent’s Guide To Technology


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